The Māori Land Court services are available through our seven registry offices, our information office, our national office and this website. Select a service or office from the list below for more information

Court services

Case management
Once an application is filed, the Court Services Team is responsible for managing the case. This team will manage the application from date of receipt, through to the production of the order made by the Court.

Court support
Court Support are responsible for producing pānui for Court hearings, transcribing of minutes at Court hearings and clerking of the Court.

Advisory and information services

Information services
Provides information for written enquiries (including fax and email), counter enquiries and phone enquiries.

Principal Liaison Officers
The Principal Liaison Officer’s role is to provide an environment that is:
– Proactive and responsive to the aspirations of Māori land owners in terms of the social, cultural and economic potential of their assets
– Active in supporting Māori land owners to achieve self-governance, effective management and utilisation of Māori freehold land
– Be proactive in identifying recommendations and solutions to inform policy/legislative changes.

Advisory clinics
Māori Land Court staff travel to areas outside of the registry office at clinics to provide assistance with applications (completing and lodging), to provide information on Māori Land Court processes and answer general enquiries.
View more information on Advisory Services Clinics

Land registry services

Land registry
Responsible for registering Māori Land Court orders . This includes:
– The entry of orders into the Māori Land Information System (MLIS) database
– Registration of Māori Land Court orders in the Land Transfer system at Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).

Preservation and maintenance of the Māori Land Court record
The Māori Land Court is a historical court of record. Each Registry office holds the respective registries Māori land information.

Website services

Māori Land Online
Māori Land Online (MLOL) allows you to view Māori land title and ownership information from anywhere in the world.
Search Māori Land Online

Application forms
Māori Land Court application forms are available to view and download on this website. You can print the required form and use it for your application.
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Information booklets
Māori Land Court booklets provide information on different types of applications. The booklets are available to view and download on-line.
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Registry offices

Each of the seven Māori Land Court Registry offices have a Registrar (who is also the District Manager) and at least one Deputy Registrar. Office hours are 10am to 4pm.

The registry office allows members of the public to:
– Talk to staff about processes of the Māori Land Court
– Look at information about the title and ownership of Māori land (both historical and present), this includes surveys, partitions, utilisation, status declarations and alienation of Māori land
– Access application forms
– Lodge enquiries

Information office

The Māori Land Court Information office is based at Ellerslie in Auckland. There are no historical records at this office, however you can:
– Obtain application forms
– Look at historical Māori Land title and ownership information for all registries on the Māori Land Information System (MLIS) database through a public terminal
– Lodge enquiries
– Talk to Māori Land Court staff.
Contact the Māori Land Court Information office

National office

The Māori Land Court National office is based in Wellington. At the National office, you can:
– Obtain application forms
– Lodge enquiries
– Talk to Māori Land Court staff.
Contact the Māori Land Court National office