A Māori reservation can be set aside on any Māori freehold land, General land or Crown land.  It is possible to establish a Māori reservation over part of a block and it can be for a number of purposes.

The people who benefit from the reservation are usually named as:
– The owners
– Descendants of a Tipuna
– Members of a hapū, several hapū
– Or they can be any group of Māori, community or the people of NZ.

The Court will make a recommendation to the Chief Executive of Te Puni Kokiri (TPK) to set aside the land or part of the land as a Māori Reservation.  TPK then creates the Māori reservation by issuing a gazette notice in the New Zealand Gazette.

Once gazetted, the Māori reservation is formally established.  The gazette will set out:
– The name of the block
– The area set aside
– What the purpose is
– Who it is for the benefit of.

The owners can now complete the application to appoint trustees for the reservation.