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New Māori Land Court rules

On 1 December 2011 new rules for the Māori Land Court come into effect. The rules set out how the Court works, how proceedings in the Court are dealt with, and how appeals are heard by the Māori Appellate Court.

The new rules update and modernise the current rules to reflect the significant number of legislative and other changes have occurred since the 1994 rules were introduced.

A chart summarising the key changes can be found here.

You can access a copy of the Māori Land Court Rules 2011 by clicking here.

What is the application process?

Any person that has an interest in a Māori land block can file an application to the Māori Land Court. The process of lodging an application is set out in seven, easy to follow steps. Read more…

What are the different types of applications?

Some of the more common types of applications are listed below:

Succession to Māori Land

Māori Land Trusts

Māori Reservations

Māori Incorporations

Who can make an application?

This will depend on the type of application. In general it is the land owner/s, their descendants or their representatives. The Registrar of the Māori Land Court may also lodge applications.

Where can I find application forms?

Applications forms are available at your Māori Land Court district office, or you can download the forms online.

Download application forms

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