Judgments of the Māori Appellate Court from 1993 onwards, and the Māori Land Court from 2003, are available for download on this site.  Decisions can also be obtained by application to the Māori Land Court, district of origin.

Māori Land Court Judgments delivery expectations

All judges of the Māori Land Court aim to deliver decisions as promptly as possible. The judges of the Māori Land Court expect that 90% of Court decisions will be delivered within three months of the last day of hearing or receipt of the last submission in the case in question. This period does not include court vacations.

On occasion a judge may advise parties that the judgment will take longer than three months to deliver due to the complexity of the case or other pressing matters of court business.

Inquiry about delayed judgments

If you are concerned about a delay in delivering a reserved judgment in the Māori Land Court in a case in which you have an interest (or are the legal representative for someone with an interest), an inquiry should be made to District Manager of the court where the matter was heard.

The following details should be included in an inquiry:

  1. The name of the proceedings and the case number.
  2. Your role in the proceedings (e.g. applicant, respondent, legal representative for the applicant).
  3. The date on which the judge reserved their judgment.

The District Manager will make an inquiry as to the likely delivery time and respond to the inquiry in writing. The District Manager will ordinarily be able to advise the inquirer when the judge considers the reserved judgment will be able to be released. The District Manager will also advise other parties to the proceedings of the expected date of delivery.

The inquirer’s identity will not be revealed to the judge.

Māori Appellate Court judgments

This page contains judgments of the Māori Appellate Court from 1993, available to view and download in PDF format.

This index contains more information about the Māori Appellate Court decisions:

Māori Appellate Court judgment index (July 1993 – ) – (PDF, 267 KB)

Māori Land Court judgments

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These pages contain judgments of the Māori Land Court from 2003, available to view and download in PDF format.

This index contains more information about the Māori Land Court decisions:

Māori Land Court Judgment Index (2002 – ) – (PDF, 743 KB)

The format for Māori Land Court judgment citations, is outlined here:

New Zealand Law Style Guide (2nd ed)

Some historical judgments may also be obtained from these sources:

New Zealand Legal Information Institute

Brookers (by subscription)

LexisNexis (by subscription)