The Māori Land Court Information booklets are a guide to assist those wanting to learn more about Māori Land. We offer a wide range of free booklets. These are available from your nearest district office and you can download these booklets, below.

Kaitiaki Whenua Māori – Māori land trusts

Aimed at Māori landowners that want to set up a trust.  It outlines the five types of Māori landowner trusts included in Part XII of Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993.
Download Trusts booklet in Te Reo and English

Ngā Kaporeihana Māori – Māori incorporations

This booklet explains the important changes to the rules governing Māori incorporations and how a Māori incorporation can be are designed to manage whole blocks of land.
Download Incorporations booklet in Te Reo and English

Te Mana Tuku – succession

This booklet outlines the process of succession. Māori land is owned by either one owner or several owners. In some cases, there are hundreds of owners for one block or title. When an owner dies, it is important to transfer his or her interests to whoever is entitled to receive those interests. Those people are called successors and the process is called succession.
Download Successions booklet in Te Reo and English

Whenua Rāhui Māori – Māori Reservations

This booklet is about Māori reservations and the regulations governing them.  It is for people who want to establish a reservation, for trustees of reservations, and for people who want to use reservations for events or activities.
Download Reservations booklet in Te Reo and English

Ngā Mahi a ngā Kaitiaki – trustees’ duties

This booklet is a guide to help trustees understand their roles and responsibilities as members of a Māori land trust established under Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993.
Download Trustees’ Duties booklet in Te Reo and English

Ngā Tono – applications

This booklet is designed to help you file an application, such as a trust or succession application, in the Māori Land Court.
Download the Applications booklet in Te Reo and English

Whenua Māori – transferring Māori land shares

This booklet explains how the shares can be transferred and how it involves the Māori Land Court. You can only transfer Māori land shares by a sale or a gift with a vesting order, unless the Māori Land Court agrees to confirm a memorandum of transfer.
Download the Transferring Māori Land Shares booklet in Te Reo and English

Te Whakahou Taitara – title improvement

This booklet focuses on title reconstruction and improvement. The principal purpose is to facilitate the use and occupation of land by the Māori landowners by improving their land holdings and providing, adding to, or otherwise improving their access to the land.
Download the Title Improvement booklet in Te Reo and English