How do I find out if there is any money coming from the Māori land interests I have?

You will need to contact the trustee for the land. If there are no trustees you will have to investigate further. A Māori Land Court staff member can assist with this.

Can I sell my Māori land shares in multiply owned land?

Yes, but only to those persons determined as the preferred classes of alienee, this includes:
– Children and remoter issue of the alienating owner
– Whanaunga of the alienating owner who are associated in accordance with tikanga Māori with the land
– Other beneficial owners of the land who are members of the hapū associated with the land
– Trustees of persons referred to in any of paragraphs (a) to (c) of this definition
– Descendants of any former owner who is or was a member of the hapū associated with the land.
The Māori Land Court may require that you discuss any sale with your children even if the sale is to one only not to all of them.  They shall be entitled to appear and be heard on the application.

Can I sell the whole block?

If you are a shareholder, no you can’t sell the whole block. You will need to contact Māori Land Court staff on the process to sell the whole block.
If you are the sole owner, yes you can sell the whole block. You will now need to refer to the question above for more information.

How do I go about buying shares in a block?

You can talk to your whānau, who are shareholders in the block. They may want to shares of the block or they may know of owners who wish to sell. The Māori Land Court does not hold information on owners who wish to sell their land.

Can I build on Māori land?

Yes, however there are a few things you need to do before the Court may issue you with an order for occupation or to determine that a house belongs to you. Information can be found in the Māori Land Court Title Improvements Information Booklet.  As there are a number of requirements you should also contact Māori Land Court staff, who will assist you through the process

Can I change my General land to Māori freehold land?

You will need to lodge an application to the Court. Your application must be accompanied by a current certificate of title from Land Information NZ and sufficient consent from the owners to change the status.

Can I change my Māori freehold land to General land?

You will need to lodge an application to the Court.  Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 and the Māori Land Court Rules 1994 sets out the criteria necessary to change the status. You should also talk to Māori Land Court staff about case law that applies to these types of applications.

Can I cut my share out of a block?

This is called partition in the Māori Land Court.  Before you lodge an application you will need to discuss this with the other shareholders to determine whether they will consent to you cutting out your share. You should then contact Māori Land Court staff who will work through the process with you and refer you to case law that applies to partition applications.

Is Māori land rateable?

Yes, unless the District Council has granted an exemption or remittance.